Nice to Meet You!

I’m Jill Fleming

My Life Story

I grew up on a cattle and horse ranch near a small town in Nebraska.

My first school was a one-room schoolhouse about 60 miles from the nearest town, kind of like Little House on the Prairie. My 8th grade graduating class had 4 people, including me; and my High School class had a whopping 63 graduates. It would have been easy to stay in my small town and follow the footsteps of my family, but I had bigger dreams and aspirations.

Off to college I went and became the first person in my family to graduate with a 4 Year degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance & Marketing. From there I landed the “Perfect Job” after college. At age 22 I was working in the treasury department at a large utility company in the Midwest. I had what everyone thought was the perfect career.

The company and career was everything that I was told I was supposed to want. It was good money, great benefits and even a pension. I was working on large acquisition deals and was in the spotlight with top management. I got lots of praise and raise after raise.

While all of this was going on, I began to have a realization that I wasn’t happy. I didn’t enjoy many aspects of my life and my career. On my 30th birthday, I was sitting at my desk and had a very disturbing thought, “If I’m sitting here doing this when I’m 40, I’m going to want to shoot myself.” Wow! That thought got my attention! Where did that come from? I’m “supposed” to be happy with this great career I’d been told my whole life I was supposed to want.

My Morning View a Few Minutes from Where I Live Now

I wasn’t happy, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, and I was frustrated and unfulfilled.

I took action and decided to do something about it. I looked fear in the face and took a leap of faith.

I quit my corporate job after being there almost 9 years and took my part-time business full-time. Since then, I’ve discovered the kind of life, career and business that really inspires me. It wasn’t always easy, but this path has been worth it! I wouldn’t change a thing of the path I’ve walked.  Now I am guiding and teaching what I’ve learned on this journey to others that are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in their Life, Career or Business.


Are you having those feelings about your Business or Career?

Are you feeling Frustrated or Unfulfilled and aren’t quite sure what you want or how to change it?

I’m here to help you get Clarity for you. What’s the next best step for you? I help you clear out the muck and see clearly what short-term and long-term steps work for you.

I’m like your personal clarity microscope and a telescope all in one person. I’m a perfect blend between a coach who empowers you to tap into your own truth and act on it, an intuitive strategist that helps you to map out your own vision and put it into a step-by-step plan, and an accountability partner that supports you in the way that best serves YOU.

I’m in your corner to help you figure it out and assist you to transform your gifts and knowledge into profit and your challenges into possibilities rather than allowing those frustrations and blocks to hold you back from achieving your desires and goals.

I can’t promise you it will be easy, but it will be an adventure! As with any adventure, it will be more fun together.

And let’s face it – when the reward is that you get to live your best life and be happy, you like a little challenge, don’t you?

To the life you’re about to live!

My Credentials

  • National American University – Bachelor of Science, Business Administration with Minors in Finance & Marketing
  • Fortune 500 Company, Berkshire Energy – Treasury Analyst (5 Years) & Project Manager (4.5 Years)
  • Coach Mindset – Professionally trained and certified coach
  • Klemmer & Associates Leadership Development Training – Professional Leadership Certification Training
  • Trained in several methods of energy healing, clearing and balancing
  • Best Selling Author of Freedom to Fly
  • Keynote speaker on topics of Empowerment and Unlocking Your Unique Freedom Code


Pattern Disruptor100%
Possibilities Visionary100%
Intuitive Strategist100%

Between working with high-power clients and a lot of living, I know how to help you break up the status quo in your life. Will everyone around you be happy about that? No. Is it what you need to do to step into the life you’re truly destined to live? Absolutely.

This is not about coaching with me… instead, this is about the life that’s waiting for you and stepping outside the lines into what truly fulfills your soul. Together, we will explore the best ways you can live all of who you are – starting now.

Your beliefs determine your outcomes and, when unconscious, they create unwanted patterns. I can help you see them.

What Ifs
Worry, anxiety and insecurity comes from the not knowing and the ‘what if’s; I can help you find the answers to these questions.

When you are out of congruence with your true destiny, your heart will yearn for it. I can help you move into alignment with your life desires.

Self-doubt and fear can derail even the boldest dreams; I can help you transform fear into fuel so you can live your best life.

Others will not necessarily be happy with all your changes; I can support you in managing your reaction(s) to stay the course.

There comes a time when you have to act on what you know; I can help you see what’s next and get momentum toward your goals.



“I’m amazed we’ve been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time!”

I feel like I’ve gained so much more than I was really expecting from our coaching sessions. Not that I had low expectations from Jill as a coach, but it was more about my own confidence. I was serious about the goals we set at the beginning, and I was pretty skeptical that I’d achieve them. I’m amazed we’ve been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time!
Malia Campbell

“Jill is…an outstanding strategist,

problem solver & coach.”

I have worked with Jill as a Business Strategist and Coach. Jill has been an invaluable advisor to me. I will continue to point to her for authentic insight and reliable advice. I thank her for being an outstanding strategist, problem solver & coach. Consider yourself fortunate, if you have the opportunity to work with her!
Desmund Adams
Professional Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

“I was between jobs and hesitant to

move forward as an entrepreneur.”

Jill coached me during a particularly stressful time in my life, when I was between full-time jobs and was hesitant to move forward as an entrepreneur. Jill sensed my very real concerns and helped me work through an action plan that allowed me to seek out a job while stepping into the consultant world. She exposed my gifts and the opportunities available, and then held me accountable to the steps that I agreed to take to make it happen. Then she went a step or two further and helped me connect with key individuals and to promote the first product, a one-day marketing workshop for small business owners. I know that I would not have arrived at that answer without Jill’s guidance.
Mark T.
Marketing Professional

“Sold the highest packages I’ve ever booked.”

Jill did an outstanding job for me with her business coaching. We were in the process of revising my price sheet for wedding videography when I had a bride inquire about my services. Not wanting to send her the “in progress” price sheet or “old” price sheet, I emailed Jill and asked her to give some last minute feedback. Five minutes later, Jill called me with her feedback. That same day I sent out my price sheet and the bride chose the highest packages I’ve ever booked. Jill’s prompt response and expert advice on this issue alone essentially paid for the entire coaching program.
Eric Scrivner

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