Significantly Increase Your Income

Are you tired of average? Ready to tap into your full potential, achieve the results you’ve always desired AND see the proof in your bank account?

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Find or Rediscover Your Drive and Focus

It’s easy to get lost in the day to day grind. Sometimes you lose sight of your direction – it’s time to get back on track and going where YOU want to go!

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Acheive Your Goals & Work Through Obstacles

Life success is personal. Know your definition of success so you can make congruent choices every day to achieve your goals and learn proven tools to break-down obstacles that may be in your way!

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As a Business + Career Empowerment Coach for energetic, aware, high-powered performers, and thought leaders – I’ll help you discover solutions that work!

Dream Distiller

Do you know there should be ‘more’ but aren’t sure what it is or are unsure of what your next steps should be?  I will empower you to tap into your own truth, clarify your dream(s) and desires and map out your step-by-step plan.

Life AND Business/Career Coach

Most coaches only work with life OR business or career, I work with my clients where Life and Business or Career overlap.  Trouble at home can cause stress at work and stress at work can cause trouble at home – I can help!

Pattern Identifier

Habits form patterns; patterns form routine. I can see your patterns so you can change them so they are serving you instead of stopping you.

Intuitive Strategist

Ever heard of “Women’s Intuition”? Why not use it to your advantage? Unlike an intuitive reading, where one person does all of the talking, Intuitive Strategy is a dynamic process designed through partnership and dialog to help you create a stronger future.

Energy Shifter

We are all made up of energy, so doesn’t it make sense that our energy fields can get out of balance?  I have a variety of energetic tools in my tool-belt to help you shift your energy and embrace the energy of success!

Trusted Expert

You need a trusted expert to support your  journey. I had a successful career with Berkshire Hathaway for 9 years – have been a profitable business owner for over 6 years and completed my coaching certification over 4 years ago — I have the expertise you require.

What My Clients Are Saying

“I’m amazed we’ve been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time!”

I feel like I’ve gained so much more than I was really expecting from our coaching sessions. Not that I had low expectations from Jill as a coach, but it was more about my own confidence. I was serious about the goals we set at the beginning, and I was pretty skeptical that I’d achieve them. I’m amazed we’ve been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time!
Malia Campbell

“Jill is…an outstanding strategist,

problem solver & coach.”

I have worked with Jill as a Business Strategist and Coach. Jill has been an invaluable advisor to me. I will continue to point to her for authentic insight and reliable advice. I thank her for being an outstanding strategist, problem solver & coach. Consider yourself fortunate, if you have the opportunity to work with her!
Desmund Adams
Professional Speaker, Trainer & Consultant

“I was between jobs and hesitant to

move forward as an entrepreneur.”

Jill coached me during a particularly stressful time in my life, when I was between full-time jobs and was hesitant to move forward as an entrepreneur. Jill sensed my very real concerns and helped me work through an action plan that allowed me to seek out a job while stepping into the consultant world. She exposed my gifts and the opportunities available, and then held me accountable to the steps that I agreed to take to make it happen. Then she went a step or two further and helped me connect with key individuals and to promote the first product, a one-day marketing workshop for small business owners. I know that I would not have arrived at that answer without Jill’s guidance.
Mark T.
Marketing Professional

“Sold the highest packages I’ve ever booked.”

Jill did an outstanding job for me with her business coaching. We were in the process of revising my price sheet for wedding videography when I had a bride inquire about my services. Not wanting to send her the “in progress” price sheet or “old” price sheet, I emailed Jill and asked her to give some last minute feedback. Five minutes later, Jill called me with her feedback. That same day I sent out my price sheet and the bride chose the highest packages I’ve ever booked. Jill’s prompt response and expert advice on this issue alone essentially paid for the entire coaching program.
Eric Scrivner


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